Re: follow up to libart big endian question

>      chris> I was curious to find out if libart_lgpl has been ported to
>      chris> big endian platforms.  I am writing a python package based
>      chris> on libart and we are now dealing with getting it running on
>      chris> the Mac.
>  I think we can answer our own question.  There's a preprocessor flag
>  to set WORDS_BIGENDIAN in the code.  

Please tell us if you do find any problems with libart on big-endian
systems.  So far nobody has reported anything, so it should be mostly OK.

>  On a related topic:
>  I've started writing up notes on using libart and I'd like to make
>  them available to others.  What should I do?

Fantastic!  Libart is sorely in need of documentation.  If you would
like to turn your notes into the programmer's documentation, I'd love
to know about it; I'm sure Raph would be interested as well.



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