gnome-pim upgrade troubles

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In upgrading from gnome-pim v1.0.55 to v1.1.5, I now get the 
following errors:

    Error loading calendar: Could not load the calendar

for gnomecal, and for gnomecard

    ** WARNING **: Could not load the cardfile

A bug report about this has bee submitted by someone else, but 
ostensibly it has not yet been dealt with.

Has anyone encountered this problem?  If so, how does one rectify 
it?  I've tried some Perl scripts to "fix" entries, but I'm simply 
not knowledgeable enough about the vCard and vCalendar specs to 
obtain a working result.

Help would be greatly appreciated, because I actually use gnome-pim 
many times each day to manage my affairs and contact info.


Sourav Mandal

Sourav K. Mandal

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Department of Physics

"In enforcing a truth we need severity rather than
efflorescence of language. We must be simple, 
precise, terse."

                      -- Edgar Allan Poe, 
                         "The Poetic Principle"


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