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++ 01/05/00 20:06 -0400 - Sean Thomas Middleditch:
> I know the file manager is being replaced, so I guess it doesn't matter
> much for the current one, but maybe some ideas/suggestions for the next
> generation file manager (which is Nautilus, right?)
>   1) Ability for programs to add types to the "new" menu... so, for
> example, Abiword could add an item 'New Abiword Document' so that you
> could just right-click and start a new AbiWord document (not something
> I'd use, but some people I'm trying to convert from Windows to Linux
> seem to like the feature).

If someone is going to do this. Please make it faster than the Windoze
equivilant. I hate waiting 10-15s for the stupid menu to come up on a
PII 450.

>   2) Log-out option.  I'd love to just be able to right-click and select
> log-out, I think it'd be faster and easier than selecting a menu on the
> panel, and also it'd mean I could get rid of the logout button on my
> menubar.
>   3) A way to create a new panel.  If I were to go and delete all my
> panels, there's no way to use the GUI to get a new one back, since the
> only way of adding a panel is to use the panel menu.  You may also want
> an option that is by default turned on to disallow the deletion of the
> last panel on the desktop.  Users who knew what they were doing could
> turn this off then remove the last panel.
>   4) A way for users to add menu options to the right-click menu, or
> have the programs/favourites menu added to it.  That is a nice feature
> of certain WMs, but I think the file manager should have it, too, for
> WMs like Sawfish that don't manage that stuff.

I haven't looked at Nautilus at all but I would like to see a user
configurable popup-menu, something so that I could add stuff to the menu
whenever I felt like it. Specifically I'd like to be able to add a
menu item to start a terminal in a directory by right clicking on the
directory icon.

> Sean Middleditch
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