Idea for a gnome developement center

Hi all :

My idea is make an application that it will have all facilities for a gnome's developer .
It will be a editor with the common functions of others editors . But with this new function :

 * Programming interface : For example ... In C ... when we will make a prototype
 , this code will go to prototype's list . So , I think is more visual . I think that if there are
 too code in the window tire to the developer . but If the developer see all code as icon and text
 It's more productive , isn't it? . All code in its place .  
 * Library Wizard : Documentation and help about the libraries as gtk+ , gdk , gnome-libs 
 and others . For example ... when the developer don't remenber a gtk-function , He "ask" to LW
 and it help to the developer .Or he can see the info in a database too. 
 * Documentation Wizard : For make the documentation easy
 * Makefile Wizard : For help the developer with the makefile,autoconf and automake
 * Icon Wizard : A simple icon-edit integrated in the aplication
 * Media Wizard : A simple sound-edit for our application
 * Packing manager : For create rpm , deb .


Well , this is my idea . You don't stone me , please ... You remmenber it's
only a idea :o)

Comments ? 
Is it interesting for somebody ?

Pd : Sorry for my english . 
Roberto Majadas   "Telemaco"    ( Spain ) .  
ICQ : 61815610

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