Re: App-start feedback

On 2 May 2000, Jacob Berkman wrote:

> Peter Astrand <> writes:
> > A few weeks ago, I released Xalf 0.2. It's a tool to give
> > feedback when starting X applications. KDE already has a working
> > implementation, and will use the same method as Xalf. I'm
> > investigating how application start feedback can be implemented in
> > Gnome. Assuming we agree on this is something we want, there are
> > some design decisions that has to be made. 
> I've actually been meaning to get this working with GNOME for a while :)
> I am fine with it being an external program, which means less code in
> gnome-libs etc.

Imagine, what happens, if extern-command does not work for some reason!
Instantly all applications end with clueless segfault...


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