Re: App-start feedback

> > A few weeks ago, I released Xalf 0.2. It's a tool to give > feedback
> when starting X applications. KDE already has a working
> I've actually been meaning to get this working with GNOME for a while :)


> I am fine with it being an external program, which means less code in
> gnome-libs etc.

Ok, either method is fine with me. 

> I am not yet sure where this would go though.  I kinda think it should
> just sit in gnome_dekstop_entry_launch().

I think there should be other ways to call it, also. Think about
gnome-run, for example. It does not use
gnome_desktop_entry_launch(). Still, it should launch apps with
feedback, IMHO. 

> > Unfortunately gnome-dentry starts stuff with /bin/sh (yes, evil and
> broken and what not) so I added a --title param to xalf, which
> probably is a good idea anyway.

Ok, this patch will be included in next version. 

/Peter Astrand <>

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