Re: Nautilus

> Also - you need to copy some stuff using the gnome-config --prefix - Its
> kind of 'hardcoded' into GNOME unfortunately.
> First of all, you need to copy the 'data' stuff into gnome-config --prefix
> Check $HOME/share - the 'top' directory needs to go into `gnome-config 
> --prefix`/share - I also recommend you install the pixmaps into the 
> `gnome-config --prefix`/share.

Kool. I linked $HOME/share/nautilus to /usr/share/nautilus and also
$HOME/share/pixmaps/nautilus to /usr/share/nautilus, and it worked!

Well, sort of. It starts up, stays for a couple of seconds, and then X
itself exits. A couple of tries later with the same results encouraged
me to look at my logs. Here is what i saw:

gnome-name-service[xxxxx]: Input code is 0x10, exiting.

I've seen this before. What is causing this?

	= L

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