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There's AC3D and Blender... AC3D requires a $40 registration and Blender
will be made free in late June this year.  They're the best there is on
Linux, next to say Pixar's software which has a $5,000 license fee.

There's also projects like Pretty Poly and Me3D, but they're in very early
development, and not of much use right now.  I believe most 3D work done in
Linux (as far as games, at least), is done in AC3D or Blender, however.

Sean Middleditch

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> > This is meant to be only an exercise, not 3D Studio :)
> Not a bad idea - is there an Open Source app (available or in development)
> that competes with 3D Studio like Gimp does with Photoshop?  It would make
> an interesting project...
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