Re: GNOME 1.1.90

Gediminas Paulauskas <> writes:

> Sat, May 06, 2000 at 07:47:00AM -0400 Jacob Berkman wrote:
> > Hi.
> > 
> > So I think it would be nice to do a "GNOME 1.1.90" release of all of the
> > packages coming out with GNOME 1.2.
> very well
> > Here is a list:
> > 
> > gnome-libs
> > gnome-core
> Menu panel isn't translatable at all! These clock settings, desktop
> arrangement, and sites list needs to be translated.

I just added it to, please let me know if this doesn't fix

> > gnome-applets
> wouldn't all applets from gnome-core be moved to gnome-applets? current
> situation is #, fuzzy

No, for various (lame?) reasons.

> > control-center (I guess this has to wait for jrb to get in)
> control center has several problems. 
> 1) a software bug, causing inability to set background. whatever you select
> for background, then apply, backgound doesn't change, but "Use gnome to set
> background" checkbox is unset, so background is disabled.

I fixed this yesterday in CVS.

> 3) with config pages selector (that thing on the left with
> Desktop->Background/Panel/Screensaver etc.). When you select some item, an
> english description appears in the status bar. Where is this translated, or
> maybe they aren't translatable at all?

I'll take a look at it...

> > gmc (s haven't done an icon patch for it yet...)
> first time hearing about it's inclusion in Gnome 1.2...  needs *much* work

Much work in usability or translations-wise?

> > bug-buddy  (0.90)
> doesn't have great priority for translation, because anyway bug reports are
> written in English.


"Is this love... or just confusion?"  -- Jimi Hendrix

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