Re: GNOME 1.1.90

Sat, May 06, 2000 at 07:47:00AM -0400 Jacob Berkman wrote:
> Hi.
> So I think it would be nice to do a "GNOME 1.1.90" release of all of the
> packages coming out with GNOME 1.2.

very well

> Here is a list:
> gnome-libs
> gnome-core

Menu panel isn't translatable at all! These clock settings, desktop
arrangement, and sites list needs to be translated.

> gnome-applets

wouldn't all applets from gnome-core be moved to gnome-applets? current
situation is #, fuzzy

> gnome-games
> gnome-pim
> gnome-pilot (because of the Settings dir stuff)
> gnome-utils

gfloppy isn't integrated into gnome-utils, its just a separate source
subtree with it's self po/ directory. Fix this, or at least translate.

gdict seems to be integrated into gnome-utils, but the CVS branch and
separate entry in Kjartan's status table remains.

> control-center (I guess this has to wait for jrb to get in)

control center has several problems. 

1) a software bug, causing inability to set background. whatever you select
for background, then apply, backgound doesn't change, but "Use gnome to set
background" checkbox is unset, so background is disabled.

2) please everyone update *.directory and *.desktop files in
contorl-center-1-0 module, because these strings aren't included in *.po
files, but are seen everywhere.   (I haven't done it yet :(( )

HELP: maybe someone has done scripts to collect all untranslated *.desktop
etc. files from local CVS repository into some TRANSLATE-ME directory?

3) with config pages selector (that thing on the left with
Desktop->Background/Panel/Screensaver etc.). When you select some item, an
english description appears in the status bar. Where is this translated, or
maybe they aren't translatable at all?

> gmc (s haven't done an icon patch for it yet...)

first time hearing about it's inclusion in Gnome 1.2...  needs *much* work

> bug-buddy  (0.90)

doesn't have great priority for translation, because anyway bug reports are
written in English.

> [stuff i forgot?!??]

gedit		(is it stable enough to include now? people need this as a
		replacement for notepad from windows world)

gaim(?)		(the main tools for communication, none included so far, all
		are in pre-1.0 state, would be nice to have in 1.2 release)

ggv		(why this wasn't included?)

gnome-vfs	(aren't these necessary? or is their inclusion self-evident?)

> So KDE is releasing KDE 2 Beta 1 on May 10th.  I think it would be best
> to wait a week from that for 1.2, so I am now seriously (really) looking
> to release 1.2 on the 17th.  Unless there are huge problems.

thanks for this final "aproximately exact" deadline.

=] seems to be more work after reading my letter, doesn't?

menesis  -=-=-  Gediminas Paulauskas  -=-=-  ICQ #24859336

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