Re: GNOME 1.1.90

> Menu panel isn't translatable at all! These clock settings, desktop
> arrangement, and sites list needs to be translated.

It is here, only the About GNOME app isn't

> > bug-buddy  (0.90)
> doesn't have great priority for translation, because anyway bug reports are
> written in English.

Why not? I have translated it, and then I write Enter report in English,
so that people know that they have to write english. Many people can make
them understandable in english, but would like to read their native

> gedit		(is it stable enough to include now? people need this as a
> 		replacement for notepad from windows world)
It is so much better ;-)

> gaim(?)		(the main tools for communication, none included so far, all
> 		are in pre-1.0 state, would be nice to have in 1.2 release)

Gaim isn't in cvs as far as I know..maybe it needs to be??

> g-print		
is g-print depricated??

> gnome-vfs	(aren't these necessary? or is their inclusion self-evident?)
not stable enought nor used by anything in gnome 1.2

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