Announce: gnome-socket 0.1.0


gnome-socket is a library that provides simple high-level network access
to GNOME applications. It's intended to be used by applications that want
simply to connect to a port and send/receive data without fiddling too
much with the socket options (if you need to do that, use David Helder's
Gnet library: ).

Main features:

* Non-blocking I/O on Internet IPv4 TCP and UDP sockets. 
* Asynchronous dns lookup (via an external library).
* Simple design & use (at least IMHO ;-)

New features since 0.0.6:

* Added gnome_socket_get/set_* functions (you can now change the socket
callback and/or the user_data when you want).
* Added gnome_string_socket (for text line-oriented sockets: the callback
will be called iff a whole string has been received).
* Documentation now covers 97% of gnome-socket :-)


For requirements, online docs, etc:


Feedback is welcome.

Happy hacking,
Zun. (almost sleeping...)

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