GtkHTML 0.2 "Yawning Italian" is released

Hello lovers of beautiful HTML pages,

  GtkHTML  is  a  HTML  rendering/editing  library.   GtkHTML  is  not
designed  to  be the  ultimate  HTML  browser/editor:  instead, it  is
designed  to  be  easily   embedded  into  applications  that  require
lightweight HTML functionality.

  GtkHTML  was originally  based on  KDE's KHTMLW  widget, but  is now
developed independently of it.   The most important difference between
KHTMLW and GtkHTML,  besides being GTK-based, is that  GtkHTML is also
an editor.  Thanks to the  Bonobo editor component that comes with the
library,  it's extremely  simple to  add HTML  editing to  an existing

  * Availability:
  * New Features
    - Complete support for Alpha-channeled images.  (Larry)
    - Support for animated images.  (Radek)
    - Faster layout engine.  (Radek)

    - Keyboard-based text selection.  (Me)

    - Support for X selections.  (Me, Larry)

    - Faster rendering of table backgrounds.  (Larry)

    - Undo/redo support for all the editor commands.  (Me)

    - Search and replace functionality.  (Radek)

    - Initial support for adding images in the editor.  (Radek)

  * Bug fixes

    - Improved stability of the parser.  (Radek)

    - Better handling of line breaks.  (Radek)

    - Various table-related layout fixes.  (Larry)

    - Made all the objects correctly printable.  (Me)

    - Removed various memory leaks.  (Radek)

    - Better saving support.  (Larry)

    - Improved stability of the editor.  (Me, Radek, Larry)


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