Re: Patch for deskguide for dragging tasks onto desk guide

 Very cool

 Looks like we are finally getting a pager. 

 I don't want to sound un-supportive, but it would be nice to at least 
have the ability to know which window my cursor is on in the 
deskguide. A nice pop-up help would be way too cool. 

 Another feature missing I think even from enlightenment pager, is the 
ability to right click on its representation in deskguide and do 
something to it, like iconifying, killing ....

 This way, all we would have to use is the guide and no task-list, 
since bith can take up more than half the panel on a small display (15 

 Good work, and thanks 

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On 5/10/00, 5:39:05 AM, Robert Wittams <> wrote 
regarding Patch for deskguide for dragging tasks onto desk guide:

> Hi,

> I sent this patch to Tim Janik (desk guide maintainer) a few days ago 
> I thought some other people might like to look at it. It makes it
> possible to
> drag tasks out of the deskguide and drop them on the desktop or back
> into
> the same deskguide...

> which is nice!

> Its a feature a bit like the one out of the enlightenment pager.
> doesn't do scaled down images of the windows though!

> issues:-
>    -size of window when dragged out - this is currently 20%
>     of the real area of the window. this might look a bit funny on
>     very small deskguides, eg those in a foobar, so maybe it should be
>     2 * the size of the task in the deskguide or something.
>     Could be a preference.
>    -At the moment, when dragging the task around, it is really
> iconified.
>     It should probably be hidden instead. But this hint didn't seem to
>     work in sawmill. The only effect this has AFAIK is that tasklist
> will
>     dim the icon and put it in brackets.
>    -It sometimes flickers when making the window. Probably add in some
>     while(gtk_events_pending) gtk_events_iterate or something.
>    -It should probably use the same window each time rather than
>     making a new one.
>    -Can't drag back into a different desk guide. This would be really
> hard to
>     fix I think, and not many people have two deskguides, do they?

> And maybe it is just plain evil. Anyway, give it a try.

> Robert Wittams

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