Re: Signal

>>>>> "D" == DEVIN Florent <> writes:

 D> Cédric PINEAU a écrit :
 >>  Beginning of the gtk tutorial on I'm just reading
 >> that passage
 >> Hi, Where can I find a list of which signal exist, and what they
 >> do, when I use the fonction : gtk_signal_connect (item, signal,
 >> func, user_data)

 D> I know there is a list in the Gtk tutorial.  But I can not find
 D> what does signal map for example, and when it is call, or when it
 D> can be called.  I have read the complete list of the signal, but,
 D> they do not answer to the question what they do.  For example when
 D> you have a MenuItem, you can have signal activate, or
 D> activate-item.  Why should I use activate, rather than
 D> activate-item ?  Why can not I use the toggle signal from Misc ?

 D> This is just an example. That is why I want to find a list of all
 D> signal (I have it), with the explanation of how they work (And
 D> this I have not).

The signals a given object can emit is (or at least should be)
explained in the API reference at


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