Re: How do I compute the full absolute path of a filename?

 George  twisted the bytes to say:

George  twisted the bytes to say:

Thanks George, for your prompt response. This routine works, but it
does not strip any "../" sequences from the path. I guess I'll have to
write one based on yours :)


 George> You cehck for the path to be absolute and in case it's not prepend the cwd.
 George> Something like:

 George> if(g_path_is_absolute(filename))
 George> 	absfilename = g_strdup(filename);
 George> else {
 George> 	char *cwd = g_get_current_dir();
 George> 	absfilename = g_strconcat(cwd, "/", filename, NULL);
 George> 	g_free(cwd);
 George> }

 George> George

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