Re: Help Browsing in GNOME

Miguel de Icaza <> writes:

> 	   1.a. If the help browser is chosen, then incorporate
>                 tesgtkhtml neworking features into GNOME help browser
>                 (kill the ugly lynx -dump hack from there).

Note:  I started some work already in getting gnome-vfs to do this
stuff.  It would be good to continue on this route, too, as it lets us
handle the help: info: and man: fields well.

> 	5. Improve Jonathan's Docbook to HTML conversor.
> 	6. Integrate Jonathan's Docbook to HTML into the system.

This is a seperate project in it's own right.

The code isn't all that bad, although it could be cleaner in places.  If
anyone is semi-serious about this, I can get you started really easily.
However, I'm a little nervous about this approach.  It was only meant to
be a temporary solution, and not a Jade replacement.  Ultimately, I am
hoping Mozilla progresses a lot, and we can use their XML rendering
abilities to do our display.  Then, our work can go into writing cool
stylesheets instead of evil hacks.(TM)  I don't know what the time scale
of this is, though...


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