With the newest gnome-core 1.1.90, the tasklist is acting odd... in
previous 1.1.x versions, sometimes an app listed would become "pressed"
on the tasklist and nothing short of removing the applet and adding a
new one could fix it.  Now there's a problem in which a window that
closes sometimes leaves a button on the tasklist, although the
window/app is gone (I know the app is really gone, too, gproc is
wonderful for that).

btw, speaking of gproc, is that going to be part of the official gnome
ever?  It's one of the best process management tools there, besides say
gtop, but current versions of that work horribly on my system (as in not
at all), and it's a bit overkill for just listing processes and sending
the occasional signal....

Anyways, um, ya.

Sean Middleditch

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