No Package: line in bug-report

I don't understand what i'm doing wrong. I send in bugreports and I get
bak messages that say that I didn't provide a Package: line. But I
did. Either I'm blind and there really is some problem in my letter or
there is something wrong somewhere.

I have sent bugreports before that have been working.

Could someone that know about these things take a look at bug number 10910
and 10913 and tell me whats wrong. This time its a patch för the
RPM-building in gdk-pixbuf I sent in yesterday. But this is not the first
time it doesn't work.

Also, there is a mailadress that one should send to when diskussing the
bug afterwords. Letters to that adress only bounces.
I got a reply from George, and when I replied both his adress and the
bug-number adress were filled in by my mailprogram (pine). Otherwise I
probably would bot have sent anything to the bug-number-adress.


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