Re: Gtk TkText & Python

Martin Soto <> writes:

> Hi all!
> I'm planning to develop an experimental application based on the
> TkText widget ported to Gtk by Havoc Pennington (the so called
> FrooTkxt).  I would like, however, to write my program in Python, but
> there are no Python bindings available for TkText, yet.
> I'm willing to implement the bindings myself, but what would be the
> better/simpler way to write them?  Is there a tool to generate them or
> I have to code them by hand?

Please note that the tktext-port module is somewhat obsolete, as the
older text widget has been moved into GTK+-1.4.  There, it has been
pangoized and had many bug fixes.  You may be better off in the long run
waiting for GTK+ to be released so that you can use the "real" one.


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