Re: Gtk TkText & Python

On 13 May 2000, Martin Soto wrote:

> Jonathan Blandford <> writes:
> > Please note that the tktext-port module is somewhat obsolete, as the
> > older text widget has been moved into GTK+-1.4.  There, it has been
> > pangoized and had many bug fixes.  You may be better off in the long run
> > waiting for GTK+ to be released so that you can use the "real" one.
> This is good to know.  Since my app is quite experimental anyway, I
> wouldn't have trouble using the unestable Gtk until 1.4 is released.
> Now, if this is the case, I suppose that bindings for tktext will
> eventually be added to pygtk.  Now my question is, what are the plans
> for doing this?  Can I help in some way?

I haven't started porting pygtk accross to gtk+-1.4 yet, so you won't be
able to use it with the development gtk versions yet.



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