A question on Lisp, Scheme, Guile, eLisp etc. (slightly offtopic)


I have a slightly offtopic question. Also I'm not subscribed to the guile
mailing list (if there is any) so bear with me.

I have a very basic question. What is the relationship between all these
languages, namely
[1] Lisp
[2] eLisp
[3] Scheme
[4] Guile
[5] Script-fu (I'm totally in the dark about this one).
[6] Common Lisp
In particular I would like to know which one of these was first (that would
definitely not be Guile or eLisp, I know). I mean which came first, and which
derived from the other.

Here is all that I know about them
[1] These add extensibility to your programs.
[2] eLisp is the lisp variant (am I right in calling it a variant?) for emacs.
[3] Guile is favourite with the GNOME hackers and is GNU's default <something>

I would be glad if someone could enlighten me on this.

Archit Baweja (bighead)

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