Re: A question on Lisp, Scheme, Guile, eLisp etc. (slightly offtopic)

Archit Baweja <> writes:

> Hey
> I have a slightly offtopic question. Also I'm not subscribed to the guile
> mailing list (if there is any) so bear with me.

go thee to and read it. (duh!).

> I have a very basic question. What is the relationship between all these
> languages, namely
> [1] Lisp

this is a family of languages which use parentesized syntax and the
`lambda' keyword.  these are about the only shared features of the
languages involved.

> [2] eLisp

an oldish Lisp used to script (and write most of) Emacs.

> [3] Scheme

a small and relatively modern Lisp.  see

> [4] Guile

the "official" GNU implementation of extended Scheme, with emphasis on 
playing well with the C world. .

> [5] Script-fu (I'm totally in the dark about this one).

the Scheme dialect used to script the GIMP. .

> [6] Common Lisp

the modern "industrial strength" variety of Lisp.  dig it. .

> In particular I would like to know which one of these was first (that would
> definitely not be Guile or eLisp, I know). I mean which came first, and which
> derived from the other.

there are many influences, but hardly any outright derivations.  look
up the FAQ for comp.lang.lisp or comp.lang.scheme.  (left as an excercise).

> I would be glad if someone could enlighten me on this.

tried a search engine? is a pretty good one.

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