Re: Fix del key patch for Gnome-Terminal

Ali Abdin wrote:

> Something is seriously wrong with terminal for a LONG time.
> My del and backspace key perform the same function (backspace). Every
> single other terminal out there works fine. This leads me to believe that
> something screwy is up with gnome-terminal.
> This is stock RH 6.2 and Helix RPMS (gnome-libs 1.0.61 and gnome-core-1.1.90)
> Somebody once suggested to try the Swap DEL/Backspace key. This A) does
> nothing and B) I assume it just 'swaps' the keys and they are the same.

There is absolutely no sense to have a "swap DEL/BS" option!

There are two possible working configurations:
1. BackSpace=8, DEL=127
2. BackSpace=127, DEL=^[[3~  (or sth)

#1 would be be better because both keys map to single ASCII character, but:
- Linux console uses 2, and is the default for all ttys. (stty)
- emacs/info/... hate having ^H for BackSpace (a bug in those programs)

So having #2 as default is probably best. The option in the dialog must be renamed (or even removed).

Add to that an X bug that maps Backspace=Delete=XK_Delete whenever XKB is not used (possible problem for original poster?) and you have a serious mess. (XKB fails when /var is full, a useful warning  :)


... There is no perfect file selection dialog...

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