Re: Fix del key patch for Gnome-Terminal

> Ali Abdin wrote:
> > Something is seriously wrong with terminal for a LONG time.
> >
> > My del and backspace key perform the same function (backspace). Every
> > single other terminal out there works fine. This leads me to believe
> > something screwy is up with gnome-terminal.
> >
> > This is stock RH 6.2 and Helix RPMS (gnome-libs 1.0.61 and
> >
> > Somebody once suggested to try the Swap DEL/Backspace key. This A) does
> > nothing and B) I assume it just 'swaps' the keys and they are the same.
> There is absolutely no sense to have a "swap DEL/BS" option!
> There are two possible working configurations:
> 1. BackSpace=8, DEL=127
> 2. BackSpace=127, DEL=^[[3~  (or sth)
> #1 would be be better because both keys map to single ASCII character,
> - Linux console uses 2, and is the default for all ttys. (stty)
> - emacs/info/... hate having ^H for BackSpace (a bug in those programs)
> So having #2 as default is probably best. The option in the dialog must be
renamed (or even removed).
> Add to that an X bug that maps Backspace=Delete=XK_Delete whenever XKB is
not used (possible problem for original poster?) and you have a serious
mess. (XKB fails when /var is full, a useful warning  :)

Okay - so how exactly do I 'fix' this problem (to 'correctly' map Backspace
to delete the char on the left of the cursor and Delete to delete the char
on the right of the cursor). It is very annoying, since I sometimes like to
use vim in the console - but sometimes I get so frustrated I give up and use
Gtk+ vim.

It does appear to be a gnome-terminal brokeness because EVERYTHING ELSE
WORKS. Every Gtk+ widget supports this, Every GNOME widget supports this.
Every (X) application I've tried supports this. So it does appear to be an
isolated problem with gnome-terminal.

What is the fix?!?!?! (fix gnome-terminal? fix my set-up? use Eterm?)

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