Re: Fix del key patch for Gnome-Terminal

>>>> "AA" == Ali Abdin <> writes:

AA> My del and backspace key perform the same function (backspace). Every 
AA> single other terminal out there works fine. This leads me to believe that 
AA> something screwy is up with gnome-terminal.

AA> This is stock RH 6.2 and Helix RPMS (gnome-libs 1.0.61 and gnome-core-1.1.90)

AA> Somebody once suggested to try the Swap DEL/Backspace key. This A) does 
AA> nothing and B) I assume it just 'swaps' the keys and they are the same.

I the real world the Delete key delete the character to the right of
the cursor and the Backspace delete the character to the left of the

Then the swap key make sense.

Of course Debian is in the real world ,-)

AA> What is wrong with gnome-terminal??? Will it ever get fixed???

The problem is not gnome-terminal but bibzvt.

Gnome-applets 1.1.90 Gnome-core 1.1.90 Gogo 2.35 gkrellm plugin
Gnome-pim 1.1.90 or for apt
deb unstable main

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