Re: corba and capplets: strange behavior

> I tryed several times but gnome_capplet_init does not initialize gnorba
> properly.
Wow! Interesing thing! I found from the sources that applet_widget_init
does not initialize corba at all. That is why gnorba_CORBA_init works
correct and all further corba functions (including
gnome_name_service_get) work perfectly.
BUT. gnome_capplet_init initializes corba itself. So it is not necessary
(moreover - it's just dangerous) to call gnorba_CORBA_init after this
Just use gnorba_CORBA_ORB - because orb is already initialized.
Otherwise, gnorba will work incorrect.

Hey, doc maintainers! Could you please describe this fact in gnome
development docs (about gnorba and/or capplets). I could not find this
information from existing tutors/references. I guess, many people will
fight with similar problems.


Sergey V. Udaltsov

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