corba and capplets: strange behavior

Could anyone give me some idea how to make gnorba work with capplets.

I tryed several times but gnome_capplet_init does not initialize gnorba

How I determine this? The programs hangs up (forever?) on
CosNaming_NamingContext_list from gnome_name_service_get().

I made the simplest program with
1. gnome_capplet_init
2. gnorba initialization
3. name service dump
It does not work. 
But if I change this simple program to
1. applet_widget_init
2. gnorba initialization
3. name service dump
Everything is OK - I got correct name service with reasonalble list of
Any ideas? Probably, someone encountered this problem earlier?

Thank you for help,

Sergey V. Udaltsov

PS My config: RH 6.2, gnome-core/gnome-libs 1.0.55, ORBit 0.5.0,

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