Re: Encoding for gnome-core/panel/panel.hints

I've just tried to compile gnome-core from anoncvs and installed it.
And find that the prev. and next. buttons on gnome-hint are not

After some try & error, I made gnome-hint work fine again.

What I did is to remove the comment (*1) on the top of panel.hints and
move it to the tail of the file(*2).

 (*1) <!-- Hey Emacs, this is -*- xml -*- -->

 (*2) <!--
       This is for 'emacs20+psgml' not to go bad.

       Local variables:

'coding:no-conersion' is need for my Emacs20.6 on Debian not to do
autodetection of coding system. (But I'm not sure this is safe for
another text editors)

> >   Like $datadir/gnome/help/$app/$LANG directories, splitting
> > $data/gnome/hints directory into language(+encoding) specific
> > directories and reading hint files from an appropriate directory would
> > be simple.
> That's definitively needed.  Editing the multilanguage file
> gnome-core/panel/panel.hints with a regular Editor (even with
> Emacs/PSGML) is not fun.  I just tried it.

  Yes, and it's very hard. so I've just splitted panel.hints into
  'lang' specific files.

  For example, the file for language 'LL' that is in iso-8859-2, look
  like this.

    <?xml version='1.0'?>
        <Content>English contents</Content>
        <Content xml:lang="LL">(translated to LL)</Content>
     Local variables:

  And to start new 'ja' version of panel.hints, I picked up one of 
  them and replace <Content xml:lang="LL"> .. </Content> with xml:lang="ja"
  and Japanese contents. And finally, replace 'iso-8859-2' with 'euc-jp',
  save it to disk.

  Because current gnome-hint still require single panel.hint, merge
  splitted hints file into one file again. I've done this by hand
  (Emacs) using "C-x RET c no-conversion C-x C-f" sequence to read in,
  and do 'copy and yank' work. May be this is done by simple perl

  Now, I'm looking into gnome-core/gnome-hint/gnome-hint.c, especially
  read_in_hints(void) function, to implement

  KUSANO Takayuki <URL:>

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