Evolution et al.


 I have just build and started testing Evolution. Even though I know this is not a user list, I think what I have to say is valid for users/developers in any case.

 First let me start by saying that I usually use StarOffice Mail capabilities since it's the only only one that has (only one I know of) full support for multiple POP/IMAP accounts, with each having its own inbound/outbound/from field/.... settings, that lets me add anyone to the adress book with one right-click, supports adress completion, and a full load of other capabilities like emailing a document, faxing it, writing in text/html/rich text/.....

 Next, let me be clear about the fact that I understand Evolution is a pre-alpha thing.

 Finally, remarks about what Evolution should have and not have:

 Should have:

   *At least all the features of such a mail solution as StarOffice mail
   *Integration with file manager (Nautilus/GMC...) with a clean API so that I could right-click on a file, choose mail this document, choose the account I want to use for outbound......, or even plain fax the thing.
   *Having one big fat view of all your mail is cool, but I'd like for them to stay where they are if I choose to do so. Don't make choices for users.
   *Have a decent set of default options on
   *Have a security framework to help avoid any "scripting" problems.
   *Better yet, leave scripting to scripting languages (python, perl,....) and let file manager decide how to execute this thing in a secure fashion if really needed.
   *Take a look at StarOffice's mail filter capabilities. They are next to perfect except for remote sorting, copying, moving:
     -You cannot have a rule that says, on imap://foo@whatever/ move all gnome-devel mails to imap://foo@whatever/Gnome-devel-list, even though you can always do it by hand, you cannot "script it".

   *I still need to see an anacalendar like anacron is for cron:
     I have a meeting with someone at 10:00. I set alarm at 8:00 in the form of a page or email, I am not at my computer, will it still send the alarm mail as soon as I log in again with or without launching evolution? Until now, I haven't seen such a thing. Correct me if I am wrong though.

 Should not be:

  *Yet another mail client among the thousands out there.
  *I have no other ideas for this section. Feel free to fill in the gaps.


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