Re: configure question (AC_SUBST)

On May 20, 2000, Stéphane Genaud <> wrote:
> I am learning the configure and build GNU tools to package a Gnome app.
> I don't really understand how to control the exportation of some 
> variables like DATADIR to my gnome program. (i want

> I thought AC_SUBST($datadir) in was the solution it 
> didn't work as well : no DATADIR neither in config.h nor in the -D
> flags.

It sounds like you want AC_DEFINE instead.  AC_DEFINE will add the given
variable to your compile line as a -D flag unless you also use
AM_CONFIG_HEADER to send it to config.h or some other config header.  If
you give the initialization value in the optional second parameter of
AC_DEFINE, you don't have to add the variable to acconfig.h.

The following may work, depending on what your trying to do.  You may
have to experiment.




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