Re: A small example and GC-API

>  Take my little script as example. Imagine I have actually enabled you 
> the user to open files by clicking on them. It is easy with mime 
> types. Now I open it with GnomeWord, change some lines, save and close it.
>  In Windows world, somehow Word or Winzip knows about it, and it will 
> automagically update your archive accordingly. 
>  If I want to implement this under Gnome, the only way I could think 
> of is an inter-app callback mechanism for gnome compliant apps.

I'm not sure what your point was, but if you want GnomeZip to know if the file
it created was changed, you just need to set an IOChannel thing on it, and
GnomeZip will be informed of changes I believe.
That way GnomeWord doesn't need to know if GnomeZip created the file and doesn't
have to do anything to get it updated.


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