Re: Forgot script was Re: A small example and GC-API


 I will try to be clearer.

 I think we might need a gnome daemon that monitors gnome activity, so that apps might call each other with right arguments.

 Again in my example:

 I open gzip, double-click on file -> it opens gword with that file in it. I need to stress I did only extracted that file temporarly. 

 For some reason, I changed that file, and maybe I quit gzip altogether. 

 Now I quit gword by saving file. How does gzip know things changed and it need to update file file1 in the archive?

 I don't know the answer. My first idea was:

 Why don't we have a gnome daemon that'd do the job, and all other apps calling would go through it.

 Another example might help. Under gnome, all I have to do to open a url is:"http://foobar")

 This will usually start your netscape. It is a stupid one way thing. Now can we make 2-way thing for inter-apps communication and let a daemon handle it.

 In this case:

 In gzip, I'd have a function that'd do:, file1, call_me_back, archivename, update)

 Now my gnome daemon will start gword with correct options, wait for it to close then either start or call gzip with archivename and update command.

 Is this clearer?

 PS: My python script doesn't dop anything fancy. I know it doesn't support anything apart from tar.gz. But this is easy to implement. It'd add 5-20 lines depending on the sort of thing you want. Plus, it is always faster to simply unarchive the archive in some /tmp directory then update it later.

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