Re: Why?

Let me take this opportunity to beg for patches: GTK 1.4 is 95% likely
to go into feature freeze during June. Perhaps sooner in June rather
than later. There are tons of mailing list posts about small four-line
fixes of this nature that would make people's lives easier; we need
your help to get the patches in GTK in the next couple weeks!
If nothing else, please try your best to be sure all your pet peeves
are filed in the bug tracker (

As Jonathan says though, this particular thing is already fixed.


John Hawk <> writes:
> Why don't we have a gtk_paned_get_position (GtkWidget *paned)
> So many times in gtk we have the function but not the converse.
> Obviously setting the position is important but what about monitoring the
> position to take action on changes.

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