Re: Why?

Am Mon, 22 May 2000 schrieb John Hawk:
>Just a thought.
>Why don't we have a gtk_paned_get_position (GtkWidget *paned)

you can use 

gint        x;
gint        y;
gint        width;
gint        height;
gint        deep;
gdk_window_get_geometry( paned->child1->window, &x, &y,
&height, &width, &deep );

for the paned argument you have to cast from GtkHPaned or
GtkVPaned to GtkPaned

hope that helps

Why? do you have a so usefull subject?
>So many times in gtk we have the function but not the converse.
>Obviously setting the position is important but what about monitoring the
>position to take action on changes.
> -- 
>John Hawk 
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