Re: xml-tree over ORBiT?

On Mon, 22 May 2000, Anders W. Tell wrote:

>> >The easiest way with libxml would be to convert the tree to/from a
>> >string and send the string via ORBit.
>> >
>> >Havoc
>> Ugh.. wouldn't that be too slow and ugly? (Well I'm not against, i'm
>> just asking....)
>Yep, its slow and ugly and currently the easiest way to stream xml. The
>xml-parsing at the receiving end is by far the slowest part. There
>exists other
>techniques but they are non-standard.
>BTW what are your use cases ? Its may be possible to work around the
>xml streaming to string with other techniques.

Well.. I hope my english will be enough to express, what I

I'm thinking of creating a framework for analysis of
corpses of text (like the Bible is). 
I want to create a set of basic functions like "extract a
vocabulary of given portion of a text", - result wold be a
list of words - or "find all occurences of words listed in
given list of words", that would return simple tree 
(words->occurences) and so on.

It seems me a good idea to represent all these lists and
trees as a xml-tree (and sipmle texts), since it can be
simply dumped into a xml file, or parsed by a graphical

Petr Tomasek,

Zavrete okna! ->

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