Re: Problem getting gnome-hello compiled

That would be why you didn't get the macros either.  cvs co gnome-hello will give you
both while cvs co /gnome-hello doesn't give you a full checkout.

CVSROOT/modules shows :

gnome-hello gnome-hello &macros &intl

I still don't know why the gnome-hello module would want to check out an intl
directory when it can be generated by gettexttize but it does.


Jan Dittberner wrote:

> J Shane Culpepper wrote:
> >
> > I think the problem is someone has checked in an intl directory when this should
> > in fact be gererated by running  I dunno why this was done, but all
> > other gnome apps depend on gettextize to generate the intl files.
> No I did had no intl directory. It was generated by gettextize as usual.
> Jan Dittberner
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