Re: Audio for Apps

It would be cool to add some sexy music to 
- "About Gnome" hall of fame
- high scores list of games

Ear candy - but people will love it :)


On 22 May 2000, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Jeff Harris <> writes: 
> >    If there are any developers that need audio sound bites for their apps, I
> > might be able to help.
> > 
> I'm sure we'd be interested in the basic desktop sounds - for shading
> a window, closing a window, iconify, deiconify, launching an app, etc.
> Also a general beep/alarm sound as on the Mac.  If you look at the
> Sound control panel, I think it has a list of such sounds (and you can
> also listen to the fairly bad sounds we have now, if you have them
> installed...)
> I'd think that these sounds should be clearly distinct from one
> another, but pretty unobtrusive (ideally they help confirm that an
> action occurred, similar to depressing a button as it's clicked, but
> if the sounds are too annoying people just turn them off).
> Havoc

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