Re: xml-tree over ORBiT?

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Petr Tomasek <> writes:
> > Ugh.. wouldn't that be too slow and ugly? (Well I'm not
> > against, i'm just asking....)
> >
> I'd guess that it's less slow/ugly than alternative ways you might
> consider doing it. ;-) But yeah it won't be the fastest thing ever.
> Havoc

For an really fast inter-process XML access a intelligent marshaller as
in OLE we be needed. It would need caching etc for performance reasons
and perhaps locking, too.

I think that would be very complicated, but as XML gets the foundation
of more and more apps it might be worth the work.

I'm sure is would be an interesting task, but i know i don't have the
time ;-)


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