1.1.90 is slow!

Hello! I have been using GNOME for quite a while now and I thought I
would try out the new unstable versions. Currently I have a RH6.0 system
and the only thing I had updated was the core files to 1.0.53. But then
I found the unstables and installed 1.1.9 and it worked beyond great.
But, with version 1.1.90, I had to upgrade my libraries. I went with the
new one, 1.2.0. So, GNOME compiled fine but when I fired it up, it was
slow. And without the RPM package installed, the icons would not show.
Another problem is most of the program list was taken out. I don't know
if these are bugs or if I have to upgrade all of my components. If so
could someone tell me what ones I should upgrade? Thanks,

Kevin Brown.

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