Re: 1.1.90 is slow!

Kevin Brown <> writes:
> new one, 1.2.0. So, GNOME compiled fine but when I fired it up, it was
> slow.

You need to tell us specifically _what_ is slow.

(For a long time people kept saying "GNOME is slow" and when pressed
many of them were just talking about the panel menu coming up which
was easy to fix; but we can't guess what you're noticing from "GNOME
is slow", since GNOME contains hundreds of thousands of things that
conceivably take a noticeable amount of time and not all of them are
slow! Another thing that people mean by "GNOME is slow" is simply that
resizing windows results in flicker, which creates the illusion of
slowness even though it's fast. Anyway, point is, the perception of
slowness is typically caused by a few specific things that it's
helpful to point out, but "GNOME is slow" isn't by itself helping to
fix the problem.)


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