Re: Canvas change in gnome 1.2 (helix)

> I'm writing a gnome application that uses the gnome canvas (antialiased) and
> when I switched from gnome 1.0.54 to gnome 1.2, some things started to look
> ugly. More specifically, I have boxes that contain text and I use the text size
> to find the right size for the box. I don't know why, the boxes are now way to
> large (almost a factor of 2 in some cases). Any idea what changed and how to fix
> that?

The gnome-canvas-text item changed so that it took rbearing and lbearing into
account when it worked out the bounds, but it didn't change anything to do with
width (IIRC).

Send some code with how you are getting the width and height, maybe that'll shed
some light on the issue.


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