Re: Canvas change in gnome 1.2 (helix)

On Thu, 25 May 2000, Jean-Marc Valin wrote:

> I applied your patch and it solved the problem. However, I wanted to know why
> the font size doesn't scale with the zoom. Whatever zoom I use, the font size
> stays the same. Still thanks for the patch!

Because of font brokenness.   I'm halfway through making a freetype based
gnome-canvas-aa widget.  You've welcome to my partial code.  

Incidently, is there a recommended way to do pure antialiased pixmaps?  I
want to render a single channel alpha only buffer with a given rgb colour
onto the back buffer.  Currently I'm cheating and filling a gdk-pixbuf
(rgba) with a flat colour and copying the alpha into the bpixbuf's alpha
channel.  This is slow because I have to write to a pure 1 channel
buffer(because freetype prefers that), copy that to the gdk-pixbuf, fill
in the rgb components, which then get copied to the gnome-canvas back
buffer, which then gets copied to the X screen buffer.  Clearly the middle
stages are superfluous.

Is there any move to implement a solution to this problem?  If not, I'll
try to do it.


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