Re: Canvas change in gnome 1.2 (helix)

>>>>> "Nathan" == Nathan Hurst <> writes:

Nathan> On Thu, 25 May 2000, Jean-Marc Valin wrote:

>> I applied your patch and it solved the problem. However, I wanted
>> to know why the font size doesn't scale with the zoom. Whatever
>> zoom I use, the font size stays the same. Still thanks for the
>> patch!

Nathan> Because of font brokenness.  I'm halfway through making a
Nathan> freetype based gnome-canvas-aa widget.  You've welcome to my
Nathan> partial code.

I have some code which I was playing with to integrate FreeType,
libart, and libpng in a Python module.  I was going to then use it to
build some charting modules which had nice text display.  I have
rotated text working quite nicely, but have not touched the code for
quite some time.

Here is a URL where I started to document how to use it:

Please get back to me if what I have done is of any interest.  I was
going to do some more work on it before releasing it, but have other
things on my plate right now (like starting a new consulting company).

- Dave

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