Tree and tree item

Can you tell me if I am right, or not.
To create a tree we use gtk_tree_new().
Then to add an object the function gtk_tree_append(tree, item), but you
to initialize first your item by the function gtk_tree_item_new ().
when you need a subtree you initialize a new tree, and attach this tree
to an item.
Just an example, and then my question ....

root_tree = gtk_tree_new ();
root_item = gtk_tree_item_new();
sub_tree = gtk_tree_new ();
gtk_tree_append (root_tree, root_item);
gtk_tree_item_set_subtree (root_item, sub_tree);
sub_item = gtk_tree_item ();
gtk_tree_append (sub_tree, sub_item);
sub_sub_tree = gtk_tree_new ();
gtk_tree_item_set_subtree (sub_item, sub_sub_tree);
sub_sub_item = gtk_tree_item_new ();
gtk_tree_append (sub_sub_tree, sub_sub_item);

if I call a function with this prototype :
void my_function (GtkWidget* sub_sub_item);
How can I find the ROOT_TREE (which is in my example root_tree) ?
When I look to the definition of a GtkTreeItem I have not found a
to its parent...
A known bug, a feature, a forgiven feature ???
If you know how to have its root_tree, can you tell me the way.
Sure I can pass the sub_sub_tree but is this the only solution ?
Florent DEVIN, 33 (0)3 20 43 47 30, Fax (33) (0)3 20 43 65 66 (Fax LIFL)
LIFL, Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale de LILLE
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