Re: GNOME font library RFC

Lauris Kaplinski wrote:

> Anybody have seen FontTastic SDK? Is its client-server API published?

It was. The software was developed by a company whose name I can't remember
at the moment (sorry) and then it was sold to Bitstream. Before the sell-out
the documentation was available on the web. Now it's not. Some time ago
I was interested in doing the same thing, so I contacted Bitstream and
asked if the documentation was available.

They were willing to give me trial version and the documentation, but it
was a subject to NDA, which was essentially prohibiting reimplementation.
So I didn't want to sign NDA and I never saw the documentation.

That was about a year or more ago. Maybe things have changed in the meantime.
And maybe somebody has the documentation from the original company, but
I don't know if it's legal to distribute it.

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