Re: Fixed: My CORBA problems (explanation and questions)

On Mon, 29 May 2000 wrote:

> > My question is this: What is the 'correct' place to install .gnorba files.
> > It seems /etc/CORBA/servers is the main place; however I cna preusme that
> > I might have individual users who want to build my app and install it for
> > there own use, or in a local directory for a few people in a group and
> > don't have access to /etc.  I've put it in a directory in my home
> > directory for the moment and set GNOME_GNORBA_PATH; but presumably there
> > is some form of standard I can use in an installer???
> `gnome-config --sysconfdir`/CORBA/servers I think. Otherwise nothing will work
> at all.

No! That is exactly NOT what I want; thats fine for installing stuff
centrally but not if you are doing a private installation.
But you can also setup your GNOME_GNORBA_PATH and put them anywhere you
like - the question is what is the standard place for this to point to in
a users home directory?


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