Re: Fixed: My CORBA problems (explanation and questions)

> > `gnome-config --sysconfdir`/CORBA/servers I think. Otherwise nothing will work
> > at all.
> No! That is exactly NOT what I want; thats fine for installing stuff
> centrally but not if you are doing a private installation.
> But you can also setup your GNOME_GNORBA_PATH and put them anywhere you
> like - the question is what is the standard place for this to point to in
> a users home directory?

If you're doing this from a private installation for your own use, then use
whatever you like. If you are doing it for a public Makefile thing, this is
where they should be installed by default.

If the user wants to install it to ~/my/stupid/private/CORBA/doodahs, then he
has to pass --sysconfdir= to ./configure. 99% of people don't pass --sysconfdir,
and as a result everything breaks if the corba files are installed somewhere

Makefiles should always be set up to assume that they will be installed
centrally, and if they are to be installed somewhere else then the user can
override using the --prefix (and other) parameters.


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