Re: Fixed: My CORBA problems (explanation and questions)

On Tue, 30 May 2000 wrote:

> If you're doing this from a private installation for your own use, then use
> whatever you like. If you are doing it for a public Makefile thing, this is
> where they should be installed by default.
> If the user wants to install it to ~/my/stupid/private/CORBA/doodahs, then he
> has to pass --sysconfdir= to ./configure. 99% of people don't pass --sysconfdir,
> and as a result everything breaks if the corba files are installed somewhere
> silly.
> Makefiles should always be set up to assume that they will be installed
> centrally, and if they are to be installed somewhere else then the user can
> override using the --prefix (and other) parameters.

What I'm asking is whether there is an appropriate place for
~/my/stupid/private/CORBA/doodahs ?  For example if the user passed
--prefix=/usr/local to my Makefile should the CORBA file now go in
/usr/local/etc/CORBA (I'm presuming here that his GNOME installation is in
/usr and not /usr/local) ?

If he is building it somewhere for his own personal use shouldn't we
standardise on where in your home directory you should put your CORBA
files? (e.g. ~/.gnome/CORBA or something).

It doesn't seem unreasonable to me to have a local installation of a
program; GNOME has the environment variables to set up your own paths but
I think it is useful to have sensible defaults.


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