Re: mouse and keyboard questions

Havoc Pennington wrote:

joch <joch ttelaviv sgi com> writes:
1. how can i move the mouse from inside my application (e.g. tell the
mouse to go to a specific point in my window )?

Include gdk/gdkx.h and use XWarpPointer() (see the man page for it).
Not supported by the portability layer, so you have to

Recent versions of the C++ SDPGTK ( library have several high-level methods that provide this type of functionality, and are cross-platform (*nix and Win32). sdpGtkWidget::InteractiveWarpPointer() moves the pointer smoothly as if under user control. Other methods are available for simulating button presses, menu picks, etc.

Timothy M. Shead
tshead k-3d com

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